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Gourd Jewelry Pack of 25 Fantastic Handmade Pieces


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Gourd Jewelry Pack of 25 Fantastic Handmade Pieces

Magnificent pack of 25 pieces of handmade jewelry.

  • Handmade in Peru.
  • The pack consists of 16 bracelets, 1 hair clip and 8 pairs of earrings.
  • Assorted models and designs.
  • Materials: Handmade carved gourds,  beads, woods, alpaca silver, waxed thread and bamboo.

Jewelry made from carved gourds are true masterpieces, adorned with sublime designs of animals and geometric shapes.
Each piece is a unique work of art, handcrafted by talented Peruvian artisans. The designs on these pieces are created using an ancient carving technique known as “Mate Burilado,” which gives them exceptional value and quality.

They are usually small and detailed works that stand out for their beauty and craftsmanship. These pieces are valued not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for the cultural connection they convey.

These pieces of jewelry made in Peru reflect our rich cultural heritage. “Mate” are dried gourds carved and decorated with intricate designs, displaying unique details. Our Peruvian artisans, experts in the use of specialized tools, carve these gourds to create unique pieces of jewelry.

In particular, carved gourds are characterized by their relief designs, which often depict cultural motifs, traditional scenes, or elements of nature. These distinctive details add uniqueness to each piece and highlight the artisanal skill of the creator.

Peruvian craftsmanship, represented in jewelry made from carved gourds, has gained popularity and worldwide recognition for its authenticity and artisanal quality. These products are not only beautiful expressions, but also testimonies of the unique traditions and skills of Peruvian artisans.


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