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Crochet Hand Woven Chullo Hat with 3 Pompons


Pack of 10 Reversible Alpaca Wool Chullo Hats

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Lined Alpaca Chullo Hat

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Lined Alpaca Chullo Hat

Beautiful Alpaca wool blend Chullo Hat lined with polar fabric, with 3 braids, with ethnic design, geometric figures, Andean and llamas, in a variety of colors.

Soft to the touch and very warm and ideal to protect the head and ears in cold weather and wind.

The chullo is a Peruvian garment made to cover and protect the head and ears of the intense cold of the high Andean areas. This garment was made by the ancient Peruvian from ancestral times by the inhabitants of the Andes (Peruvian mountains).

Over time, the chullo has acquired an important place in fashion.

Additional information

Weight 120.00000000 g
Dimensions 12.0 × 9.0 × 10.5 cm

1.5 cm. /0.59"


25 cm. / 9.84"


34 cm. /13.39"gorro tejido hasta las orejas.
47 cm./18.50": largo total


Alpaca wool blend