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Burnt Copper Llama Peru Design with Magnet


Fridge Door Magnet Burnt Copper Sican Culture Mask

Fridge Door Magnet Burnt Copper Sican Culture Mask.

Souvenirs of Peru: Sipan Peru Magnets.

HxWxL: 1.69″/4.3 cm. x 2.87″/7.3 cm. x 0.23″/0.6 cm.


Souvenirs of Peru: Sipan Peru Magnets.

Peru Magnets Inspired by the ancient Moche gold rattle on display inside The Museum Of The Royal Tombs Of Sipan (Museo Tumbas Reales De Sipan), Lambayeque Chiclayo, Peru.

These impressive souvenirs from Peru are made of copper sheets and hand-painted

  • Handmade in Peru.
  • Material: Copper Sheets.
  • HxWxL: 1.69″/4.3 cm. x 2.87″/7.3 cm. x 0.23″/0.6 cm.

Bring a piece of ancient Peruvian history into your home with our Peru Magnets inspired by the captivating Moche gold rattle on display at The Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipán in Lambayeque Chiclayo, Peru.

Crafted from copper sheets and hand-painted, these exquisite souvenirs not only showcase the rich cultural heritage of Peru but also make for a unique and meaningful addition to your collection. Immerse yourself in the artistry of the Moche civilization and own a tangible piece of this remarkable history.

Elevate your space with these stunning peru magnets – a perfect blend of craftsmanship and cultural allure. Don’t miss the chance to own a slice of Peru’s ancient charm; purchase your exclusive souvenir now!

The Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum, inaugurated in 2002 in the city of Lambayeque, Peru, is an archaeological treasure that transports visitors to the glorious era of the Moche culture, from the 1st to the 7th century AD. Inspired by the truncated pyramids of that time, the museum houses over two thousand fascinating pieces made of gold.

The tomb of the Lord of Sipan is one of the great archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, once compared to the niche of the pharaoh Tutankhamun in Egypt.

At the heart of the museum lies the tomb of the Lord of Sipán, discovered in 1987 by Peruvian archaeologists Walter Alva Alva and Luis Chero Zurita. Among the jewelry, ceramics, and funerary offerings, this discovery marked a crucial milestone in archaeology by revealing the magnificence of the only ruler of ancient Peru up to that date.

The 3,156.45 m² building, spread over three floors, emulates the ancient Moche structures. Visitors begin their journey by ascending a 74.21-meter ramp, similar to the entrances of Moche temples, reliving the experience of the discovery of the Lord of Sipán.

From the second floor, one can contemplate the exact replica of the burial chamber of the Lord of Sipán, exploring his culture, technological achievements, and perspective on death. The descent through the structure, accompanied by museographic objects, immerses visitors in the context of the time through panels, showcases, and projections.

The Moche Royal Room, at the center of the museum, exhibits the Lord of Sipán in his warrior attire, gold pectoral, and other jewels. It also showcases the burial chamber of the ruler alongside skeletons of his companions and other dignitaries, such as the priest and the Old Lord of Sipán.

The room recreates the magnificence of the Moche royal court with 35 mannequins, some articulated for a more dynamic experience during visits.

The exhibition includes ornaments recovered from the tomb, such as the gold coxal protector, and emphasizes the importance of protecting Peru’s cultural heritage from looting. The Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum thus offers an immersive experience that transcends time and pays homage to the historical richness of the region.

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Weight 16.00000000 g
Dimensions 0.9 × 7.5 × 4.5 cm

1.69"/4.3 cm.


2.87"/7.3 cm.


0.23"/0.6 cm.