Peru Magnet of Leather with Machu Picchu Landscapes

Peru Magnet of Leather with Machu Picchu Landscapes


Big Aguayo Fabric Coin Purse with Hoop for Keys

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Ceramic Bracelets With Hand-Painted Beads


Ceramic Bracelets.

  • Beads hand painted and bracelets handmade in Peru.
  • Hand-painted ceramic bracelets from Peru are special, reflecting the country’s rich artisanal tradition.
  • The technique adds detail and beauty, making each bracelet unique.
  • Peruvian artisans create colorful designs inspired by nature, culture, and local traditions.
  • These bracelets are valued for their aesthetics and cultural significance.
  • The manual crafting process ensures each piece is unique and personalized.
  • Made of ceramic, they’re durable and suitable for everyday wear.
  • They’re versatile accessories that complement various outfits.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 3 × 12 × 1.5 cm