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Round Ceramic with Llama Paiting (1000 units)


White Llama Ceramic Figurine.

Ceramic figurines animals, llama ceramic handmade in Peru,

Llama Beads. Ceramic Beads Handmade.

HxWxL: 1.37”/3.5 cm. x 0.74”/1.9 cm. x 1.06”/2.7 cm.


Llama Beads. Ceramic Beads Handmade.

  • Handmade and handpainted in Peru.
  • Material: ceramic.
  • Colors: grey and brown.
  • HxWxL: 1.37”/3.5 cm. x 0.74”/1.9 cm. x 1.06”/2.7 cm.

Explore the fascinating world of jewelry creation with these charming llama beads, an authentic and distinctive addition inspired by the rich Peruvian culture. Available in two captivating colors, gray and brown, these beads are not just functional elements for jewelry making but also small treasures that evoke the essence of Peruvian heritage.

Step into the narrative of jewelry-making with these enchanting beads that pay homage to the majesty of Peruvian llamas.

Their detailed design reflects craftsmanship and dedication to authenticity, turning each bead into a miniature work of art. The carefully selected colors, gray and brown, with multicolored strokes on their backs, add versatility to your projects, allowing you to create unique and expressive pieces.

These llama beads are not only a means to create jewelry but also a way to connect with the rich history and traditions of Peru. Each bead tells a story, carrying with it the essence of Peruvian culture and the influence of llamas, emblematic animals of the region.

Placing these beads in your creations is like carrying a piece of vibrant Peruvian life with you.

The crafting process of these beads is rooted in traditional craftsmanship, where each bead is carefully molded to capture the distinctive shape of llamas. The choice of high-quality materials ensures the durability and lasting beauty of each bead.

Skilled artisans have perfected the painting technique, applying colors precisely to achieve an authentic look that highlights the unique characteristics of llamas.

By incorporating these beads into your jewelry-making project, you are choosing more than just an accessory; you are selecting a piece of cultural authenticity.

Llamas are symbols of resistance and strength in Peruvian culture, and these beads capture that essence in a small yet powerful way.

The versatility of these beads makes them the perfect choice for a wide range of jewelry projects. From bracelets to necklaces, the neutral colors allow easy combination with other elements and materials, giving you the freedom to express your creativity.

Whether you’re designing a piece for a special occasion or creating everyday accessories with a unique touch, these llama beads add a distinctive and cultural element to your creations.

In addition to their practical function, these beads also serve as small ornaments for your Peruvian corner. Place them in a decorative box, on shelves, or as part of a thematic display to infuse your space with the rich heritage and charm of Peru.

These beads are not just beads; they are decorative pieces that tell stories and evoke the magic of the Peruvian Andes.

These llama-shaped ceramic beads for jewelry making are not just design elements but also testimonials to the artistic beauty and rich Peruvian culture.

By incorporating them into your creations, you are not only crafting exceptional jewelry but also celebrating the tradition, craftsmanship, and history of a people.

Discover the magic of Peru through these unique beads and let your creativity soar to new heights.

Additional information

Weight 12.00000000 g
Dimensions 3.8 × 2.9 × 2.0 cm

1.37”/3.5 cm.


0.74”/1.9 cm.


1.06”/2.7 cm.