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PRICE REDUCET!!! Assorted Tagua Nut Bracelet with Resin


Carved Tagua Resin Bracelet in Assorted Colors

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PRICE REDUCET!!! Multiple Design and Material Bracelets


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Beautiful bracelets in multiple designs and materials:


#1: Ceramic, cat’s eye, plastic metal, acai seed, murano glass, and glass tubes.

#2: Ceramic, murano glass, plastic metal, metal spheres,  acai seed.

#3: Ceramic, plastic metal, murano glass, metal rings, acai seed, coral stone gravel and little ceramic.

#4: Ceramic, turquoise stone, river pearl, acai seed, and metal sphere.

#5: Serpentine stone, crystal quartz, bead, serpentine stone gravel, acai seed.

#6: Ceramic, plastic metal, amethyst stone gravel, acai seed, metal ring and plastic metal hearth.

#7: Ceramic, murano glass, acai seed, and large ceramic.

#8: Hematite stars, agate quartz, metal spheres, acai seed, hematite tube.

#9: Acai seed, metal sphere, hematite rings, cat’s eye.

#10: Ceramic, plastic metal, acai seeds, opal stone, metal ring, plastic metal square, little ceramic.


Additional information

Weight 18.00000000 g
Dimensions 10.0 × 2.0 × 1.0 cm

Total: De 18 a 21 cm