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Hen Shape Hand Painted Ceramic Vase. 3.35″ High.


Colorful Neck Llama Magnet

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Cuzco Style Hand Painted Glass Coaster with Holder (Set of 6) (Ship only via DHL)


Hand Painted Glass Coaster with Holder (Set of 6)

Hand-Painted Coaster Set: Cusco Elegance and Cultural Blend in Your Home.

Embark on a unique experience that encapsulates the essence of Cusco’s tradition with this spectacular product. Each piece in this set is more than a mere home accessory; it is a unique work of art where elegance intertwines masterfully with craftsmanship, giving life to beautiful hand-painted flowers in the purest Cusqueña style.

These exceptional coasters bear witness to the artistic skill that traces back to the distinguished Cusco School—a tradition that merges European mastery with the rich indigenous heritage. This cultural blend is reflected in each design, meticulously painted on glass and a wooden base, celebrating the vibrant fusion of harmoniously selected colors.

The color palette, harmoniously blended, adds a touch of vitality to any environment. Place these coasters in your home and immerse yourself in the magic of ancestral craftsmanship, where each flower, each stroke, narrates a story connecting with the land and traditions that inspired them.

This set is not just an expression of beauty; it is a gift for the soul that brings forth the serenity and charm of Cusqueño style and cultural blend to your space. Adorn your table with the painted history of “Hand-Painted Floral Elegance” and transport yourself through this unique masterpiece. Transform your home into a corner where artistic mastery and the richness of Cusco’s cultural blend converge.

(Ship only by DHL)

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Weight 485.00000000 g
Dimensions 12.0 × 12.5 × 8.5 cm

6.5 cm. / 2.56"


11.3 cm. / 4.45"


10 cm. / 3.94"