Handmade Fabric Handbags with 3 compartments. Rectangular handbags

Handmade Fabric Handbags with 3 compartments


Handmade Peruvian Bags Large Bag of Thick Aguayo Fabric.

Handmade Peruvian Bags assorted colors inkca design boho style

Peruvian Handmade Fabric Bags with Outer Pocket

Handmade Ethnic Bags in beautiful neutral color combinations and vivid bright colors. Lined handbags.


Peruvian Handmade Fabric Bags.

Cute traditional Peruvian cloth bag with outer pocket. Assorted colors.

Beautiful shoulder bags with woven fabrics with designs inspired by the iconography of our Andean culture, including geometric designs (triangles, diamonds, straight lines of different thicknesses, small curved lines) and representations of nature such as birds, fish, cats, plants. and flowers. All of this in beautiful neutral color combinations and vivid bright colors.

  • Handmade Peruvian Product.
  • Peruvian Wool Fabric.
  • Ethnic Style.
  • Shoulder Bag Strap Long Adjustable Length.
  • 8.67 x 12.60 x 4.21″ (base of the bag approx.) / 22 x 32 x 10.7 cm.(base of the bag approx.)


Additional information

Weight170.00000000 g
Dimensions2.7 × 23.5 × 30 cm

22 cm. / 8.67"
Long adjustable handle bag


32 cm. / 12.60" approximately


10.7 cm. / 4.21" base of the bag approx.


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