Huayruro Jewelry keychains Cute Baby Huayruro Seed Keyrings. 

Huayruro Jewelry Keychains. Baby Huayruro Seed Jewelry.


Male Huayruro Jewelry Keychains.

Huayruro Jewelry Keychains

Baby Huayruro Jewelry and Achira Seeds Keychains.

Height: 4.72″/12 cm. Diameter: 1.18″/3 cm.


Cute Baby Huayruro Jewelry and Achira Seeds Keychains.

Organic keychains with baby Huayruro Jewelry seeds, achira seeds and black beads.

  • Handmade in Peru.
  • Materials: peruvian huayruro baby and natural color achira seeds, beads, chain, metal ring and pendant.
  • Height: 4.72″/12 cm. Diameter: 1.18″/3 cm.

Discover the beauty and essence of Peruvian culture through our stunning keychains, carefully handmade with Huayruro seeds and small  beads. Each piece is a unique work of art that reflects the rich tradition and connection with nature that characterizes this beautiful country.

The Huayruro seeds jewellery used in these beautiful keychains, sourced from the lush Peruvian rainforest, are much more than decorative elements. These seeds, in their vibrant shades of red and black, have been an integral part of Peruvian culture for centuries.

It is believed that they not only carry the promise of good fortune and abundance but also act as a protective shield against negative energy.

The harmonious blend of red and black seeds symbolizes balance, creating a unique connection between nature and spirituality. In many communities in Peru, it is a tradition to gift newborns a small Huayruro bracelet as a symbol of good wishes for a happy and balanced life.

By choosing our handmade keychains with Huayruro seeds jewelry, you not only acquire a beautiful and authentic accessory but also immerse yourself in the rich cultural tradition of Peru.

Each keychain tells a unique story and carries the very essence of the land where it originated. Discover the magic of Huayruro and carry a piece of Peruvian culture with you in every keychain.

The Peruvian achira seed, used in crafting, is a natural treasure derived from the Canna edulis plant native to the Amazon region of Peru. These seeds are renowned for their versatility and visual appeal in the creation of seeds jewelry and decorative items. Their unique shape and lightweight texture allow artisans to craft delicate and intricate pieces that capture the essence of Peru’s flora.

The achira seeds, with their dark brown color and uniform size, are carefully selected to ensure the quality and authenticity of the crafts. Their use in traditional and contemporary jewelry reflects the connection between craftsmanship and nature in Peru’s rich cultural heritage. Additionally, these seeds are often combined with other local materials to achieve a variety of unique designs that showcase the creativity and skill of Peruvian artisans.

Peruvian achira not only adds an aesthetic touch to crafts but also represents a link to ancestral traditions and the biodiversity of the region. The conscious choice of these seeds in crafting contributes to preserving and conveying Peru’s rich cultural history through handmade objects that are imbued with meaning.

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Weight25.00000000 g
Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 3.5 cm