Magnificent Tree of Life Earrings with Beads

Tree of Life Earrings with Beads


Pair of Earrings with Dreamcatcher and Beads with Central Flower

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Luminous Seashell Earrings with Acai Seed. Handwoven pieces.

HxWxL: 2.36″ /6 cm. x  0.98″ /2.5 cm. x 0.98″ /2.5 cm.


Woven Seashell Earrings with Acai Seed.

Cute and natural crocheted earrings with seashells, beads and an acai seed on top.

  • Handwoven in Peru.
  • HxWxL: 2.36″ /6 cm. x  0.98″ /2.5 cm. x 0.98″ /2.5 cm.

Discover the beauty of our charming crocheted seashell earrings, bringing together the natural allure of seashells, beads, and the exquisite touch of an açaí seed on top. Each pair of earrings, meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, is a masterpiece of jewelry that showcases the expertise and dedication of our creators.

These earrings, beyond their natural charm, bear witness to the care and skill of our handcrafting artisans. Each piece is unique, capturing the essence of traditional craftsmanship with a modern and elegant flair.

The combination of seashells and beads creates an appealing and sophisticated design, while the açaí seed on top adds a distinctive and organic touch.

Immerse yourself in the authenticity of nature with our crocheted earrings. Each thread tells a story of craftsmanship and love for handmade seashell jewelry.

By choosing our earrings, you not only carry with you a unique piece of jewelry but also support a community of artisans who keep the tradition and beauty of handmade creation alive.

Explore the entire collection and choose the natural charm and artisanal allure with our crocheted earrings. Let each pair tell its own story, showcasing dedication and craftsmanship.

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 1 × 3.9 × 7 cm

6 cm. /2.36" approximately


2.5 cm. /0.98" approximately


2.5 cm. /0.98" approximately