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Baby Alpaca Craft Guinea Pig with Key Ring (Length: 9 cm. / 3.54 “approximately


Hand-Woven Wool Handmade Sheep Keychain

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Handmade Vicuña of Sheep Wool (Height: 15 cm. / 5.91″ approximately)


Handmade Vicuña of Sheep Wool (Height: 15 cm. / 5.91″ approximately)

Cutest handmade vicuña in natural colors.

The vicunas are the smallest camelids, weigh between 40 and 50 kg and have a length of 80 cm. They are wild. Its color is beige or vicuña (light reddish brown) white in the central area and the legs, with variations depending on the geographical areas where they live. The northern populations are darker and have a tuft in the front of long white hairs (pectoral tuft). The vicuñas have long, thin legs, finished in pads, suitable for walking on various types of soil, including stony ones. the fiber of its wool is among the finest in the world, measuring 15 microns in diameter. The fur is dense, formed by thin fibers that grow very close together, with the aim of protecting the animal from both cold and rain and wind.

His image is on our Peruvian national shield, representing the richness of our fauna.

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Weight 30.00000000 g
Dimensions 4.5 × 9.5 × 15.0 cm

9.5 cm. / 3.74" aproximadamente


3.8 cm. /1.50" aproximadamente


15 cm. / 5.91" aproximadamente