Hand Painted Small Pill Boxes Decorative. Heart and rectangular shape.

Hand Painted Small Pill Boxes Decorative


Great Pom pom String. Handmade Multicolor Pom pom String Garland.

Beautiful Pom pom String. Handmade Multicolor Garland Peruvian Andean Decor.

Llama beads. Amazing Small Llama Figurine.


Llama beads. Amazing Small Llama Figurine.

Beautiful handmade miniature llama of thread with moving eyes and traditional Andean ribbon to make jewelry and crafts. They can also be used to decorate spaces in your home or office.

  • Handmade in Peru.
  • Assorted colors.
  • 3.3 cm. – 1.3″ / 1.2 cm.- 0.47″ / 2.5 cm. – 0.98″

In the vast landscape of creative expression and artistic ingenuity, a captivating trend has emerged that seamlessly combines tradition and innovation.

Among the various materials that have taken the spotlight, the exquisite handmade miniature llama beads of thread stand out as a remarkable example of craftsmanship and cultural significance.

These delicate beads, adorned with moving eyes and complemented by traditional Andean ribbon, offer a multifaceted canvas for jewelry and craft enthusiasts.

Beyond their decorative allure, these beads possess the power to transform living and working spaces, infusing them with a touch of charm.

In this exploration, we unveil the enchanting world of these miniature llama beads, delving into their origins, the intricate artistry involved, their versatile applications, and the warmth they bring to interior decor.

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 2.7 × 1.20 × 3.5 cm

3.3 cm. – 1.3" / 1.2 cm.- 0.47" / 2.5 cm. – 0.98"