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Baby Alpaca Toy (23 cm. / 9.05″)


PRICE REDUCET!!! Hand-Woven and Embroidered Sheep

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Hand Knitted Condor Keychain


Hand Knitted Condor Keychain

Beautiful wool condor keychain, hand woven.


The Andean condor is a bird that is among the largest in the world capable of flying. Due to its great weight, which can reach up to 15 kilos, and the size of its wings of up to 3 meters, it needs some help to stay in the air. Therefore, these birds prefer to live in windy areas, where they can plan on air currents without great effort. The Andean condors live in mountainous areas.

These condors are usually black and have a characteristic white “collar”, as well as some markings of the same color on the wings and have bald heads.

These birds are long-lived, living more than 75 years in captivity, but reproduce slowly. Each breeding pair only has one offspring every two years, and both parents must take care of it for a whole year.

The Andean condor is an endangered species. There are currently about several thousand South American condors in the wild, and reintroduction programs are working to increase their number.


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Weight 12.00000000 g
Dimensions 10.0 × 4.0 × 3.5 cm

3.5 cm. /1.38" aproximadamente


9 cm. /3.54" aproximadamente


10 cm. /3.94" aproximadamente